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    Domingo Coral Lounger Hammock Chair Outdoor

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    Weatherproof hammock chair lounger Domingo Coral offers lots of room for carefree summer fun.   It is extra-large, enabling you to not only sit comfortably, but also recline.The Domingo lounger is made of weatherproof, fast-drying HamacTex®, so it can be left outside all summer. A typical characteristic of all hammocks manufactured in Colombia: the large number of suspension cords which ensure optimal weight distribution and therefore comfort and longevity.   Reinforced edges make the material extremely tear-resistant. The integrated safety swivel guarantees safe 360° rotation. The spreader bar is made from high-quality bamboo. It is not just a visual highlight, but also particularly robust and weatherproof. Naturally, the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. (FSCTM). DOL21-8
    $250.00 $200.00
    $250.00 $200.00